Costa Coffee – Western Road

Food & Drink

Bruno & Sergio Costa set up their famous coffee roastery in Lambeth, London in 1971, supplying local caterers and Italian coffee shops with an exciting coffee, slow-roasted the Italian way.

People couldn’t get enough of it and by 1978 the first Costa espresso bar opened in Vauxhall Bridge Road in London.

To this day Costa still uses the same method of slow-roasting their coffee beans, serving the brothers’ authentic blend of 6 Arabica beans to 1 Robusta in 500 coffee shops all over the world.

To serve the best coffee in the true Italian style, Costa focus on quality control at every stage of the coffee making process from bean to cup.

Costa have their own roastery to ensure their unique blend is perfect every time

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 7am-7pm
Sun: 8am-6pm