Oxfam Bookshop

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Oxfam bookshops offer a wider selection of books than most shops, from modern fiction and leisure interest to classics and rare or collectable books. Also stocking a wide variety of music, new gifts, Fairtrade food and drink and cards for all occasions.

Oxfam is the largest retailer of second hand books in Europe, selling in the region of 11 million books per year. Most of the 750 Oxfam shops around the UK sell books, and around 100 of these are specialist bookshops or specialist book and music shops.

So whether you are searching for a Folio Society edition of Hardy’s ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’, a 1970’s Beano Annual, or a good holiday read, Oxfam is a great place to look.

Books are donated directly to shops by the public, or through more than 1000 Oxfam ‘book and music banks’ in convenient locations around the country.

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-5pm