Urban Legend

Food & Drink

Urban Legend is a delicious new entry to the Brighton Lanes – and the first UK store!

Urban Legend was born from a simple question: How can people enjoy sweet indulgence responsibly, without compromising on taste AT ALL? Next thing you know, on a mission to remove the junk out of the junk food, the Urban Legend ‘too good to be true’ donut was born.

This isn’t any old donut either, it’s what everyone’s all been waiting for their entire lives; the ultimate treat food never high in fat, sugar or calories. Sure, it’d be better if we ate vegetables, but we also know that we all enjoy a treat from time to time!

How did they do it? They discovered what makes a donut taste like a donut and used some really cool next gen bakery kit and found natural sugars in things like melons and pears and the rest is history. 

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun: 10:30am-6pm