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Art heist artworks available exclusively at Enter Gallery

When contemporary artist, Gavin Mitchell’s, limited edition series was stolen, he resigned himself to never seeing them again. However, following the arrest and subsequent trial of Manchester playboy and ‘top tier’ cocaine gang boss, Aram Sheibani, the precious artworks have been recovered and are now available to buy exclusively at Enter Gallery. Mitchell’s pieces were discovered in the bust alongside originals from Andy Warhol and Banksy. The police have confirmed that the priceless artworks were obtained by illegitimate means.

Until Sheibani was rumbled by an extensive international investigation conducted in collaboration between Interpol, US Homeland Security and Greater Manchester Police, the crime boss had a £5 million property empire and was funding a playboy lifestyle for more than a decade via fraud, forgery, drug dealing and tax evasion.

Alongside the priceless artworks, the police seized £160,000 in cash, Bentley cars, Class A drugs, including cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine, safety deposit keys and crypto recovery codes. Sheibani has been sentenced to 37 years in prison.

Gavin Mitchell’s art is admired for its ability to deconstruct preconceived notions. From his inspirations and processes to his use of materials, Mitchell’s aesthetic is determined by an idea of disorder and deconstruction, pulling apart the ordinary to put it back together in extraordinary ways. Built through layer-upon-layer of imagery, Mitchell’s highly original and provocative works of art speak their own unique visual language.

Find Gavin Mitchell’s work (such as Blondie, shown here) at Enter Gallery, 13 Bond Street.

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