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Blow Like a Pro, Every Time

You’ve had the haircut you love. You’ve got the styling products that make your hair feel great. But you can’t quite get that salon finish when you’re styling at home. It seems to take an age to dry your hair, when in the salon it only took a few minutes. And maybe the curl just doesn’t last like it did when your favourite stylist worked their magic. So, what’s the solution?

Much like home-colour versus salon-colour, the grade of the products available commercially on the high-street are different to those available to professionals. The results of salon colour will always be more true, kinder to the hair and longer-lasting than even the best box-dye. And so it is is for the styling tools we use too.

Do you ever stop to think how many hours a salon hairdryer runs for? How many blow-dries it sees in its lifetime? How quickly it needs to heat up and cool down? In a salon environment, power, efficiency and longevity are key considerations when buying tools that give fabulous results time and again. The dryers, wands and tongs you see on the shelves of your local retail department just wouldn’t last five minutes in-salon. And so if you want hair salon results at home, you need to be using industry standard tools.

We all know the addage ‘A bad workman blames his tools’ but equally, a skilled craftsman recognises the benefits of using quality tools. And quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. Simon Webster Hair is proving that in their new collaboration with BaByliss Pro, bringing you professional quality tools at affordable prices.

Simon Webster Hair has earned a reputation for integrity. They only retail products that they use in-salon. And they only use those products and tools that they truly believe in. It’s not about selling to customers or earning commission. For them it’s about educating and enlightening their clients to enable them to create the best styling they can every time. And so their choice to stock and retail the BaByliss Pro tools that they use in-salon is an endorsement that they believe in the quality, the results and the value of the BaByliss Pro tools.

Now retailing the complete range of dryers, wands, wavers and tongs, SWH Team are happy to advise on which tools will give you the results you want time after time. They’ll also show you how to use the tools to create the looks you want – at no extra charge. And because they only order in the tools you want when you want them, they’re focus is to recommend the right tools, not just the ones they have in stock right now.

All consultations are complimentary at the salon, so why not book-in for a bespoke hair prescription: see their styling team for a complimentary product prescription and advice on the best tools to acheive the styles you want and how to create them. And if you’re lucky enough to be a client already, ask your stylist for details on what tools would suit your home-haircare regime.

Address: 16 Gardner Street
Phone: 01273605577
Opening Times: Mon-Thurs 10am-8pm. Fri & Sat 10am-6pm