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Celebrating Earth Day with some of our eco-friendly Brilliant Brighton businesses

This Saturday 22nd April we celebrate the 53rd official Earth Day. Turning our minds to how we can support and contribute to the environmental protection of our planet. In Brilliant Brighton we are spoilt for choice, with so many environmentally friendly businesses lining our vibrant streets. We spoke with just a few of our environmental heroes on the importance of putting sustainability at the forefront of their businesses. 

WiDEYE – Natural Skin & Body Care

The power of nature is at the centre of every one of WiDEYE’s products. Carefully considered ingredients, reducing waste and responsible trading are just some of the ways they contribute as an eco-friendly business. If the stunning aromas of the WiDEYE soaps and bath bombs weren’t enough to draw you in, their ethos towards sustainability may just do the trick!

“Being located by the Sea and feeling a deep connection to our surroundings inspires us to do what we can to protect it. So sustainability has also been at the heart of WiDEYE. We’ve put a lot of work in to building large range of ‘unwrapped’ products that don’t require excessive packaging, which is ultimately the best thing we can do on the waste front. We also want to re-use as much as possible, so we introduced a bottle return program, where customers can bring back empties for us to re-purpose! Importantly, we also don’t use any plastic containers across our range, which will ultimately end up in landfill.”

Address: WiDEYE, 15 Gardner St, Brighton BN1 1UP
Instagram: @wideye_natural

To Be Worn Again

To Be Worn Again have been selling vintage and secondhand clothing in Brighton for over 25 years! As a small local business they are proud to have saved so many clothes from landfill over these years – with the help of eco conscious and sustainably stylish customers. The team also recycle and reuse everything they can as a business, even the bags used to store clothes are cut up and used to stuff boots and shoes!

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, the fast fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of our Earth and we believe in the value of vintage and keeping clothes for as long as we can. According to the Business Fashion Council – ‘there are enough clothes on the planet right now to dress the next six generations of the human race’. This is why we only sell secondhand and preloved clothing – everyone can help Earth by shopping secondhand. We also believe that earth friendly products shouldn’t cost the earth –  so as well as affordable  clothes in store, we have permanent sale rails with bargains that are just as good for a budget as this big old Earth!”

Address: To Be Worn Again, 12 Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL
Instagram: @tobewornagain


The self proclaimed Eco-enthusiast hairdressers are here to provide Brighton with the ultimate environmentally friendly hair-do’s. From filling their salons with vintage/upcycled furniture to using eco-friendly water systems, WhiP have mother earth central in their service.

“We aim to be as sustainable as possible, we use OWAY for everything from colouring to styling. So why choose OWAY? Not only are their products made with the finest biodynamic ingredients, but the brand is also committed to reducing its environmental impact in other ways. From eco-friendly packaging to farming practices, OWAY is doing their part to make the world a better place. We reuse the glass jars and bottles, frequently giving them to clients, using them as pots for plants and hand wash dispensers. We often use paper rather than foil for colour services and are 99% plastic free salons.”

Address: WhiP, 9 Market St, Brighton BN1 1HH
Instagram: @whipstergram