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Our magical Christmas lights are a gift paid for by the 517 Brilliant Brighton businesses that make up a large part of our city centre. The street art-inspired lights will light up North Street and Western Road, while lights celebrating the uniqueness of North Laine will sparkle in Bond Street, Gardner Street and Kensington Gardens; and more traditional lighting will add a magical, festive feeling to The Lanes, East Street, Preston Street and Brighton’s iconic Clock Tower.

Artist Spotlight: Cassette Lord

Real name Martin Middleton, is a Brighton-based, urban pop artist whose work you probably pass each day, as his work stands proudly across many of Brilliant Brighton’s telephone junction boxes.

In a world that’s fast becoming sonically ethereal through digitization, Cassette Lord focuses on people’s longing for physical intimate objects that remind them of music and tactile memory. Drawing inspiration from well-known artists like Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg, he enjoys the repetition and up-scaling of retro shapes and symbols that represent the physicality of music and sound that has been lost in our digital landscape, these repeated high contrast totems stand in our urban environment along side the commercial onslaught of advertising propaganda and remind us that surrealism and creative art is more important than the hard sell of dull commercial clutter. 

Creating his pieces using a combination of stencils and spray paint, his signature design is the cassette symbol, though his work also features other retro iconography of the 70s and 80s and draws on the colours, shapes, and graphics of these decades. Keen to represent his love for animals Cassette Lord’s more recent pieces have included a focus on cats, rabbits, stags and other animals in his retro styling, the aesthetics of these urban creatures are often inspired by the wider street art scene, Japanese animation and dazzle camouflage. “bringing the animals into the urban environment as street art spirits shows us that we have lost something, nature is still there quietly watching us… waiting.