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#BrilliantBrightonIndieBiz: Kindling

Ahead of Independents’ Day (celebrating independent businesses on 2nd and 3rd July), we’re shining the spotlight on a few Brilliant Brighton businesses to learn more about their history. Next up is Kindling…

“Kindling Restaurant is about more than just the food, it is a community of people: staff, customers and suppliers all sharing and celebrating food and knowledge,” the team tell us. “Nature writes our menu as the seasons inspire the food we cook. We promise to entice, surprise and stimulate.”

Chefs and best friends Holly Taylor (previous restaurants including; Pure Taste -Notting Hill and Magdalen -London Bridge) and Toby Geneen (previous restaurants including Pure Taste- Notting Hill, Plate- Shoreditch and Merricote-Melbourne) set out with the simple goal of creating interesting food they want people to enjoy and engage with. Their aim is to bring provenance and integrity to the forefront of their creations, utilising their combined knowledge of preservation and fermentation to make light, fresh dishes packed with flavour.

Moving back to Brighton has enabled Holly and Toby to connect with their local suppliers and surroundings, working hard to make the most of the bounties Sussex has to offer a chef.

Taking care and love with each ingredient used within their menu, Holly and Toby ensure that the produce retains and expresses its properties to maximum potential.

A respectful and mindful approach is taken toward the local produce with an intention to use the entire product from top to tail in any way possible. This has the added bonus of not only reducing waste and environmental impact, but also pushes the Kindling duo’s creativity to its limits.

Taking the above philosophy, cooking with fire through the use of the grill and charcoal, the flavours are brought back to their origins in nature with the end goal for enticing and nourishing experience.

Kindling are proud to be members of The Sustainable Restaurant Association. The SRA are dedicated to making every meal served out of home as sustainable as possible. Through their ‘food made good’ campaign they are committed to sourcing food ethically, treating employees and suppliers well, working to improve our environmental impact and supporting our local community.

“At Kindling we strongly believe that good food is good for you and the environment. Although protein is not the main focus of our seasonal menus, when we do use it, we aim to use the best quality, most sustainable meat and fish available,” the team explain.

“Our ethos comes through in thoughtful details; local suppliers, minimal waste, knowing where our meat and fish comes from and prioritising quality in our cooking and service.”

Kindling are featured in the Michelin Guide 2021 and they have also won an award in Harden’s Guide 2021 and 2022, to name just a few accolades.

Find Kindling at 69 East Street, Brighton.