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Enter Gallery: Social Media Sensation chooses Brighton gallery for his first solo art show

With over 9 million followers on Facebook, 4.5 million on Instagram, and some of the world’s biggest comedians (Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, Jack Black) ranked among his fans, no one is a bigger name in online comedy than Arron Crascall right now. Known for hilarious content that spoofs viral videos and good-naturedly pranks the general public, Crascall is fast becoming a household name.

Not content with taking the social media world by storm, Crascall has turned his hand to art and has chosen Brighton’s Enter Gallery as the location of his first solo UK art show – ‘Since 16’ – so named, as he has wanted to have his own art show since he turned 16.

Crascall uses his art as a stress relieving outlet whenever the pressures of catering to such an enormous audience get too much. His colourful and chaotic art depicts pop culture icons, like the Queen and Winston Churchill, surrounded by swathes of colour and text.

‘Since 16’ will feature a series of original paintings, and a limited edition artwork named, ‘You Made It’, which is inspired by something Crascall’s Dad said to him when his career really took off. This limited edition is going to be a timed release, which means the size of the edition will be determined by the amount of people who buy the print between 9am on Friday July 15th and midnight on Sunday 24th July 2022.

‘Since 16’ is taking place at Enter Gallery on Bond Street, Brighton between 6-8pm on Friday 15th July 2022. More information about the event and Crascall can be found on Enter Gallery’s website.

More about Enter Gallery

This year, Enter Gallery celebrates 30 years as one of Brighton’s leading independent art galleries. Over the years, Enter Gallery has been instrumental in the careers of leading artists including Banksy, Magnus Gjoen and Lucy Sparrow.

The gallery made headlines when multiple Banksy’s were stolen from the Bond Street gallery in 2007, and when they sold James Cauty’s controversial Stamps of Mass Destruction in 2003.

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