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Introducing the online Lush Bath Art experience

Shared experiences might be harder to come by so to help Lush are hosting a variety of live streams on their YouTube channel. Soundbaths, meditations, spa soundtracks set to bath art and more.

Lush Chilled Beats and Bath Art

Lush have launched Chilled Beats and Bath Art, an immersive and mesmerising bath time experience offering viewers the opportunity to delve into a sound bath of relaxing #BathArt visuals set to the soundscapes of the Lush Spa and more.

The perfect beats to relax to or background music for meditation, they will be streamed LIVE on Lush YouTube over the coming weeks for those who want to take a moment to transform their state of mind – check out a recent experience here.

Other Lush ways to help you recharge…

Lush Guided Meditation

Imagine a bath that could take you on a journey. Lush are  inviting you to try something a little different. Their series of guided meditations have a Lush twist, each meditation is designed to be listened to while you take a bath, helping you to unwind and settle into your soak. Discover guided meditation to feel uplifted here and guided meditation to feel relaxed here.

The Lush Labs app

A place for you to see all Lush’s latest ideas and digital innovations, including Lush Moods for iOS. Download the app, tap Moods and select how you would like to feel. Let Lush transport you through colour, sound and visuals into sensorial escapism. Available on iPhone here.

Join the #LushCommunity and follow Lush on Instagram for further schedule updates.