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LEON is open for takeaway and delivery!

Get your LEON Brighton by popping in for takeaway, delivery and these delicious deals.

Pop in for a take-away or Click and Collect on or enjoy LEON straight to your door. All yours, 7 says per week, breakfast, lunch & dinner on Deliveroo & Uber Eats!

LEON Deals

Coffee & Pastry Deal

Pick up one of LEON’s new sourdough pastries and any coffee for £3.75. ⁠

To make these sourdough pastries they’ve created a dough that uses a proper sourdough starter, and they give it more time to rise before being baked. This means the bacteria in the starter helps to break down the gluten molecules, which can make them easier to digest.⁠ Which is good news because with layers of buttery pastry and a hidden dark chocolate centre in their Chocolate Croissant, you might find yourself eating a lot of them.⁠..

Burger Meal Deal

Fancy a burger? And a drink? And some fries? LEON have got you covered. All wrapped in £8.95 Meal Deal. Yay!

Find LEON at 75 North Street.