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LEON January Menu launching now

2022 is all about gut health at LEON. Eat more plants. Eat a variety of colour. Be kind to your gut, be kind to the planet.

Kicking off the year with a good-for-your-gut seasonal Blackberry, Apple and Ginger Porridge. It’s a hearty organic porridge made with wholegrain oats and organic cow’s milk, topped with coconut milk yoghurt, comforting blackberry, & apple compote, juicy blackberries and crystallised stem ginger pieces. Think winter walks with family, ended with warm homemade blackberry and apple pie. This will make you whole again.

On the all-day menu, they’re packing the plants into two brand new dishes. The first is Rainbow Salad. When we talk about eating the rainbow, this is it. It’ll diversify our gut-microbiome with hearty chunks of roasted seasonal veg, coated in immune-boosting turmeric and nigella seeds. Layered with pickled peppers, pink kraut, a drizzle of smoked garlic aioli and warming harissa. Topped with crunchy spiced chickpeas.

The new Harissa Chicken Salad will use the same roasted seasonal vegetables and pink kraut, drizzle of smoked garlic aioli and warming harissa. Served with mixed green leaves. That’s the power of plants and the power of protein, all in one.

Every day is Veganuary at LEON. Every day is a chance to champion plant-based eating and every day is a reason to be good to your gut. That’s why LEON is hero-ing the Everyday Dhal in January. Inspired by the everyday dishes of India, their rich Dhal is made from fibre-rich red lentils and yellow split peas. Served with coconut yoghurt, pickled peppers and fresh herbs, on a bed of wholegrain rice. It’s the new tummy-loving Dhaling.

Even though we’re all about Veganuary, LEON is also introducing the Jerk n’ Jam Wrap to the Wrap family. Their hottest wrap to date. Jerk-inspired chicken with a Meditteranean twist. A stroke of sweet apricot jam, pickled peppers, crunchy cos lettuce, smoked garlic aioli, and wrapped in Khobez flatbread. It’s ????️.

There are a few things that we’re certain are good for us; eating a variety of plants, eating fermented foods such as kraut and pickles, and drinking probiotic liquids such as kombucha and kefir. That’s why Honey and Cinnamon Kefir drink joins LEON drinks menu. Packed with billions of good-gut bacteria, this will help restore our immune systems after an indulgent Christmas break.

Address: 75 North Street
Opening Times: Mon 7:30am – 10pm, Tues 7:30am – 10pm, Wed 7:30am – 10pm, Thu 7:30am – 10pm, Fri 7:30am – 10pm, Sat 8am – 9pm, Sun 8am – 8pm
Contact the store directly as times may have changed due to Covid-19