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Leon Launches New Winter Menu

This new year, Leon are keeping it real. Rather than blending avocado and chocolate and calling it dessert, they’re just serving vegetables in ways that make them taste really good.

Their new menu, which launched today (3rd January) introduces three new vegan options that show off the best of the season’s produce, including two new salads that taste like everything you want to eat right now: a Squash, Sage and Kale Salad and a Rainbow Mezze Salad. When you’re not dreaming of salad, there’s a Roasted Beet & Squash Wrap that’s full of good stuff, with brightly pickled red onions and a fiery vegan horseradish mayo.

There’s a Chilli con Carne made for steeling yourself against blustery winter days. It’s a recipe from co-founder, John Vincent’s Dad, Leon (yes, the original Leon) that uses British beef and black beans in a dark, boldly flavoured tomato sauce.

And for vegetarians, the Sweet Potato Falafel Hot Box has made a welcome return for 2018.

For breakfast-lovers who want something healthy, tasty and filling; Leon have updated their iconic Ruby Red Porridge. Made with organic oats and cashew milk and topped with coconut almond butter and a ruby red compote. Working with resident gut health guru, Dr Megan Rossi, they have added a naturally sweet prebiotic fibre made from chicory root, inulin, to the compote. This has halved the added sugar in the compote and created a higher fibre breakfast with no compromise on taste.

Try the new menu at Leon’s Brighton restaurant at 75 North Street.

Opening Times: Mon 7:30am – 10pm, Tues 7:30am – 10pm, Wed 7:30am – 10pm, Thu 7:30am – 10pm, Fri 7:30am – 10pm, Sat 8am – 9pm, Sun 8am – 8pm