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Meet the manager: Liz from Paperchase Brighton

To celebrate National Stationery Week, we chatted to Paperchase (who are sponsoring the launch day today, Monday 29th April)’s Brighton manager Liz to talk best sellers, bullet journaling and stationery offers!

Hi Liz! When did Paperchase Brighton open?

Paperchase Brighton opened on 15th September 2004 – this September we will be celebrating our 15th birthday!

Exciting! How long have you been store manager?

I’ve been store manager in Brighton for about 18 months however, I’ve worked for Paperchase a total of 6 years.

What’s your current bestseller?

Rainbow steel straws are our current best seller. The brilliant cleaning brush is a massive selling point plus the current trend for more sustainable products makes these straws a Paperchase must have! Our best selling stationery product is the pack of 8 Stabilo mixed highlights in a pack of 8 which are exclusive to Paperchase. Great value for money at £8 and a must have as Brighton’s students prepare for their exams.

What’s your personal favourite or must-have object?

My personal favourite or must have product is our new mechanical pencils that come in a pack of four plus my Idea & Notes bullet journal. I jot down all my lists for the day ahead plus my ponderings as I am travelling to and from work (from Horsham to Brighton).

What are you up to for National Stationery Week?!

Paperchase are super involved with the launch! In fact, we’re sponsoring the launch day, Monday 29th April, with the theme #PaperchaseLovesLists. We’ll create content online on around different ways to write lists and it is interactive so customers can join in!

We are also excited to offer customers 10% off in-store and online too. All they need to do is tell a member of staff ‘I love lists’ (or show their online promo code ‘ILOVELISTS’) and they can get 10% off all full-price lines.
The promotion runs from Mon 29th April –Sun 5th May 2019.

Why do you think people love stationery so much?

I often hear customers talk about their intense love of stationery and I totally get that. Our customers love to treat themselves and their friends.

I believe that the perfect pen and the perfect paper – in the form of a notebook, diary or list pad – when combined has the power to inspire, to create and to organise.

I love the way our unique designs stand out from all our competitors and enthuse our customers!

What’s new in store?

Our revision range! I was a student once, a very long time ago haha! For me, it was important to set myself up with the right tools and in the right environment when revising for those all important exams. Our products are guaranteed to motivate you whilst you work!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love talking to our customers and creating a fun atmosphere in store, alongside my team, as well as spreading the love for Paperchase products. Each day I look forward to talking to our regular customers and introducing new customers to this amazing brand. I especially love it when our customers receive their Treat Me treats…wishing them a happy birthday and treating them to £5 off often puts a smile on their face…and ours too!

Find Paperchase at 66 East Street. 

Don’t forget that stationery lovers get 10% off when saying ‘I love lists’ in-store this week too! Find out more here.

Phone: 01273 739150
Opening Times: Mon-Weds & Fri -Sat: 9:30am-6pm; Thurs 9:30am-7pm, Sun: 10:30am-5pm