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Brighton’s Open Mind book project joins forces with Specsavers to celebrate Black History month

There has been a meeting of minds between a Brighton Optician and local charity ‘The Open Minds Project’ as the two come together to mark Black History month.  

Specsavers Brighton proudly announces its collaboration with the Open Minds Project, a charity with a focus on promoting education, inclusivity, and understanding by supporting local schools through book donations – not just for this month, but for the long haul.

Optometrist director Lateef Iqbal says: ‘Education is a powerful force that has the ability to transcend barriers and shape a better world. Specsavers Brighton, in solidarity with the Open Minds Project, is dedicated to enriching the lives of young learners through the magic of books. By donating a myriad of books that embrace diverse perspectives and histories, we aim to inspire a love for learning and foster unity within our community’.

Founder Grace Toby says: We are delighted to be supported by Specsavers Brighton to achieve our shared mission which includes educating young minds about Black lives beyond the stories of poverty and fights for freedom. The education system will make a more positive impact with a robust socio-culturally balanced representation. We have been running for about three years and during that time we have ran teachers book clubs and given boxes of books to various schools within the Brighton and Hove community’.

Mr Iqbal adds: ‘At Specsavers Brighton, we believe that acknowledging and amplifying voices during Black History month is essential all year-round. This partnership with the Open Minds Project is a testament to our commitment to continuous learning, understanding, and support for every individual’s journey.

As part of the celebrations, the store is inviting the local community to join throughout the month in marking Black History month by helping them support the charity, spread awareness, and celebrate inclusivity.  

You can find out more about The Open Minds Project.

To meet the team at Specsavers Brighton North St branch and ensure your eyesight, or your child’s is in tip top condition you can give them a call on 01273 328322 or you book an appointment online HERE.

Image of Grace Toby with trustees courtesy of Grace Toby

Address: 49 North Street, Brighton BN1 1RH
Phone: 01273 328322